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This song was written and recorded in April, 2017, a bit later then the rest of the album which was written in February (and early March). It didn't make the first version of the album, but I decided to add it to the album as it fit in thematically. It was written after hearing about one too many tweets from the white house, etc...


Woke up this morning, checked my phone
Once again my spirits sinking like a stone
He’s at it again, Tweeting crazy alternative facts
The day he stops tweeting will be the day that I can relax

He read somewhere that the Mexicans are to blame
Or maybe he saw it in a video game
He’s at it again, Tweeting shit he pulled out of his ass
You couldn’t make up this stuff
With two tabs of acid and some laughing gas

He thought Bill O’Reilly was his kind of man
Ted Nugent’s logic is something he can understand
He’s at it again, Hanging out with the white supremacists
He read the idiot’s guide to fascism
And he’s checking those things off his checklist

He saw Psycho one day and said ‘get me Norman Bates’
The perfect director of lodging for the whole United States
For Surgeon General, Hannabil Lechter would give him a thrill
For director of pets, Cruella de Vil
He’s at it again, Throwing everyone his bile
Like I said in my song two years ago,
Donald Trump you are completely vile

He saw Breaking Bad, thought it was kind of rough
Tuco was his kind of guy, just not crazy enough
Mussolini was too soft, why make the trains run on time?
Is it not more bigly to have a leader out of his mind?
He’s at it again, ‘till he and Kim Jon Un go into their song
Two lunatics with crazy hair, what could possibly go wrong?
(c) M. Skliar 2017


from This is what democracy sounds like! (revised), released March 12, 2017



all rights reserved