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Spare me sad reflections on what went wrong
As you look thru dirty eyeglasses at the approaching storm
You voted for this captain, and his motley crew
Who stood at the door of knowledge yelling things not true
Spare us your thoughts that the other side was not strong
Spare me your sad reflections, face the fact that you were wrong

As the chaos is descending, reflect on what you’ve wrought
All the cheap lies and confidence games your ignorance has bought
All those easy solutions, they’re not so easy now
Its like trying to get the milk, after you’ve killed the cow
Here comes the big decline, here comes the swan song
Spare me your reflections, face the fact that you were wrong

Those fearful phony fake facts are falling at your feet
Reminding you the reasons that your thinking’s obsolete
Too late to pretend in your Pollyanna fantasy
Whose every branch bears the fruit, the fruit of a poison tree
Look into the mirror, it might take you all day long
Look at that reflection, and admit that you were wrong

(c) M. Skliar 2017


from This is what democracy sounds like! (revised), released March 12, 2017



all rights reserved