Need you in November

by mike skliar

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Topical and Political album largely about the 2016 US Presidential election-- yeah, that mess.


released September 10, 2016

Mike Skliar- guitars, mandolin, harmonica, bass, organ,drums, percussion, vocals

All songs written by Mike Skliar (c) 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Need you in November
We need your help this November
The world is counting on you
I hope my words have some impact
Cause this I believe to be true

Think of the things that could occur
Don’t vote for him, please vote for her

Its too important to be cynical
Too big to boycott
Just one of two things will happen
This is our one and only shot

Think of the things that could occur
Don’t vote for him, please vote for her

Think of the things that could occur
Don’t vote for him, please vote for her

© M. Skliar 2016
Track Name: Taco Truck
In the back of a sweltering taco truck in the heat wave in a year or two
There's a man frying onions and chopped beef And he empties the garbage too
It's the only job that he could get after failing in the last one Pathetically
When the whole thing was over he lost 49 states and also he lost DC

The next day his orange hair started falling out in clumps all around the floor
His third wife got together with the first two and they all showed him the door
All of his schemes were unmasked down to his phony persona
He used to say you're fired but now he just gets tired in a taco truck in Corona

He remembers when he was the king of the world, insulting everyone without concern
Little knowing his unmasking would be simple right there in his tax returns
For the Russian banks they had owned him, owned him lock stock and barrel
The last time a rich man was brought down so low was Charles Dickens in a Christmas Carol

Now he sits and he waits for customers In an airless tin can truck
He's name is not even on the outside cause from creditors he has to duck
The food is actually not bad though the block is somewhat of a dump
It's the only place you can be and say look at me I've got a taco from Donald Trump

© M. Skliar 2016
Track Name: Yet another Donald Trump song
There you stand, with orange fur up on your head
Everyone’s so taken with the things you said
“The Mexicans:” they’re not sending you, they’re sending rapists”
That’s exhibit B in the proof this clown’s is a racist
Exhibit A’s that birther stuff you’ve peddled for so long
Donald Trump here ya go, your own personal song

Your companies file for bankruptcy but you inherited so much cash
You leave your mark on things like a diaper leaves a rash
You rent your name on tacky stuff, make deals in back alleys
You incite violence at your campaign rallies
Most people’s hearts are filled with blood, yours is bile
Donald Trump, you are completely vile

You’re a demagogue who appeals to ignorant bigotry
Who only cares about getting his name up on the marquee
You tweeted global warming was a hoax by the Chinese
Whatever problem exists you think started overseas
Your magic bullet cure is to build a great big wall
To compensate for what you think must be too small

You’re leading the clown car in the polls can you believe?
Shows what a little bigotry and hatred can achieve
There’s an undercurrent in the GOP, runs dark and filled with fear
Where it will lead you guys is still unclear
You’ve been full of it for a long long time
Donald Trump, you are a first class slime

You insult the Pope and John McCain and the masses all cheer
On the reality show circuit, you can manipulate them with fear
The media can’t quit you they say ‘how high’ when you say ‘jump’
The only two words I hear this election season are ‘Donald Trump’
Mussolini would be smiling if a tale he still could tell
Donald Trump, you’re a narcissistic demagogue from hell

(c) 2015, 2016 M. Skliar
Track Name: They go low, we go high
Its hard to stay cool, hearing loose talk on the election
When I hear ‘lock her up, she’s a crook’ I start to yell my objection
But before my anger starts to multiply
I say to myself ‘they go low, we go high’

We’ve heard that racist birther talk, from a certain candidate for prez
If you want to know the opposite of the truth, just listen to what he says
But to stay on the issues is just more dignified
I gotta keep saying ‘they go low, we go high’

They go low, we go high, it’s what Michelle said in that speech
Its not easy to do but it’s a goal we have to reach

(c) M. Skliar 2016
Track Name: Centerfield
Here I am in centerfield
everyone else is left or right
using their truth as a shield
They don't want to see what's not in sight
But you think you're in centerfield too
We both can't be right
so what are we gonna do
From where you sit you see one thing
And where I sit it's a different view
Every life experience that we bring
Tells us what we believe is true
We each think we know what's true
we both can't be right
so what are we going to do
It's time for an election
to see if there's more of me or more of you
It's the worst idea in the world
Except for all the others so in the end what are you going to do

(c) M. Skliar 2016