February Singing

by mike skliar

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All songs were written in February 2012. This album is one of many to come out of online the musical collective February Album Writing Month (FAWM).

A musical snapshot of a time, a place, and a point in history, mystery, and imagination, combining personal ruminations, topical and political machinations, and varied instrumentations and singing to create something unique and entertaining.


released March 4, 2012

Mike Skliar- vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, baritone guitar, bass, harmonica, percussion, keyboards, theramin.

Ken Ficara- harmonica on "Jeremy Lin"

All songs (c) 2012 by Mike Skliar



all rights reserved
Track Name: Winter did not come this year
Winter did not come this year

Winter did not come this year
It must be visiting other friends
in some other continent

We thought that he would appear
He must have made other plans
But I still wonder where he went

Did he fly to northern Europe
What about our maple syrup
And the birds will not know where to fly

Is he just on vacation
Or captured by another nation
Oh winter , you left us, but why?

Winter are you having
an affair with summer
In some Greek Island riddled with debt

Or did your calendar fall off the wall
And no one reminded you
And the time of year you did forget

Winter what do you say
Without snow it looks so gray
And snowshoes look stupid without snow

I miss all that sleet and ice
All that white stuff looks so nice
Oh winter, where did you go?

Winter did not come this year
It must be visiting other friends
in some other continent

We thought that he would appear
He must have made other plans
But I still wonder where he went

© 2012 M. Skliar
Track Name: Mitt Romney's a Zombie
Mitt Romney’s a zombie
His face is the picture in a store bought picture frame
Those in the know know Willard is his first name
True story- he tied his dog to the car roof
And took his family on a trip from Detroit to Duluth
Mitt Romney’s a zombie
Mitt Romney’s a zombie
Mitt Romney’s a zombie

When he started out he was a somewhat moderate voice
Went out of his way to say he was pro-choice
Individual mandates he signed for health care
Until he became a zombie millionaire
Mitt Romney’s a zombie
Mitt Romney’s a zombie
Mitt Romney’s a zombie

Elections are rough and sometimes there’s too much mud
So he went to Bain capital to find some more fresh blood
He’d suck corporations dry till they bled red ink
And jobs disappeared like water down a sink
Mitt Romney, that zombie
Mitt Romney’s a zombie
Mitt Romney’s a zombie

Whether its abortion, gay rights, climate change or gun control
He can change positions cause a zombie’s got no soul
The things he says now he should be ashamed
A Zombie should be smarter as all they eat are brains
Mitt Romney’s a zombie
Mitt Romney’s a zombie
Mitt Romney’s a zombie

© M. Skliar 2012
Track Name: Midnight in Paris
When its midnight in /The city of lights
And everything /Just feels right
Like a book you read /Have you been misled
or is this Paris 90 years ago

is that Hemingway and Gertrude Stein
or have you lost your mind?
As you sit in the café drinking the wine-a fine Bordeux

Somewhere between/ The cobbelstones
It’s still alive / In flesh and bones
But can you stay And make your getaway
In Paris 90 years ago

Or will Hemingway, and Gertrude Stein
Sadly be relics of another time
As you sit in the café drinking the wine -a fine Bordeux

Theres a secret portal/ Back to the immortal / but is it wise or a crime/ to live before one’s time

© 2012 M. Skliar
Track Name: Crazy like a Newt
Crazy like a Newt

He’s an angry old white man with a jiggling belly
He loves to debate his rivals on the telly
Raising his middle finger is his favorite salute
Crazy? Yeah, crazy like a Newt

He’s a multitasker just ask his spouse
As soon as one is in the hospital and out of the house
He’s romancing the next wife, in his birthday suit
Crazy, yeah, crazy like a Newt

He’s an expert at being sanctimonious
Ask any important question, he’ll attack the press
Ethics, schmethicks, he don’t give a hoot
Crazy? Yeah crazy like a Newt

He’s a stupid man’s idea of an intellectual
When it comes to lobbying he’s old school
Freddie and Fannie are the devil, until they pay him some loot
Crazy, yeah crazy like a Newt

He claims to be a historian but that’s a laugh
his economic plan makes sense if you don’t use math
But he’s so good at spinning his webs, to debate him you have to be astute
Crazy, yeah crazy like a Newt

Is he a newt, or a skunk or a cobra snake?
Sooner or later he’ll make a mistake
And his true colors will show, like bile or some other bitter fruit
Crazy, yeah, crazy like a Newt

He may not be the candidate anytime soon
but it doesn’t matter, he’s going to the Moon
His ego is the size of that rocket that he wants to shoot
Crazy, yeah crazy like a Newt

© 2012 M. Skliar
Track Name: Stand tall
I’m singing this song cause I don’t sing enough
About visions of nameless fear
About that feeling in the pit of your gut
That nothing is what it appears

About darkness that colors the sunshine at noon
The silver lining’s dark cloud
The things that we ‘re too busy shouting about
To ever speak them out loud
Stand tough
Stand tall

I’m running thru the valley of a thousand shadows
Without looking left or right
Using all that I’ve learned to lose myself
Till I’m lost in the pale moonlight

In a fever dream, I caught up to the face
Of the creature I thought I became
but I dared not look for very long
and the creature he did the same
Stand tough
Stand tall

Between the grains of sand on the beach
Between the earth and the moon
The ghosts of a million martyrs sing
Listen and you’ll hear the tune

In the cry of a newborn baby
In the smoke when the fire burns out
In the way we never listen
To the things we’re shouting about
Stand tough
Stand tall

© M. Skliar
Track Name: Best of Times
In the madness of the moment, you never see the long view
And it seems to last forever when its all around you
Easier to say “expect the unexpected”
Then finding out the many ways you will be affected

It was the best of times, it was the best of places
It was the way that everything’s reflected in their faces
But all the world’s a circle, there are no straight lines
And everything that changes, changes over time

(c) 2012 M. Skliar
Track Name: Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin
It’s a linderalla story this linsanity
We’ve all been linfected oh the linhumanity
We are Linagreement it was linconcivable
When he started to lin lin lin, it was lincredible

It’s not so linpossible to be a linternational star
It is my linpression that he will lin long and prosper
So heres my lindecent proposal by way of Led Zeppelin
Turn it up to elev-lin , “whole lotta Lin”

You gotta be lin it to lin it
I read that on the linternet
The possibilities are linfinite
It’s a linstant classic

Those without lin cast the first stone
On valentine’s day I was not alone
Drank my lin and tonic, listen to Bob Dylin
I’ll get lindependently wealthy, from a song about Jeremy Lin

© M. Skliar 2012
Track Name: Behind the door
From my apartment I’d walk less than two blocks
Get a cup of coffee for less than a half a buck
Nothing fancy, just a blue and white paper cup
They’d even serve you if you were down on your luck

It was behind the door with the white paint peeling
With hand painted murals up by the ceiling
The artist who painted it’s been gone for many years
Since the chain stores and banks have been movin’ in round here

It was a Dominican sandwich shop, you could sit all afternoon
If the old lady liked you, you’d get a clean spoon
But those rice and beans would have you humming a very happy tune
I never thought it would vanish but the end came too soon

now theres a Starbucks where you’re served by a barista
its open every day, even Christmas and Easter
and while the neighborhood is safer, safer for the touristas
I miss the old lady with the half smile, just like the Mona Lisa

© 2012 M. Skliar
Track Name: The Ron Paul is off the wall talking blues
The Ron Paul Talking Blues

He’s a small old man with a great big nerve
Wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve
The Fed’s been in business since 1913
But Ron Paul thinks its all an evil scheme

Instead he believes in these Austrian economists.. sorry Ron, but when it comes to economists, I’m sticking with Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman, who said, and I’m paraphrasing a little bit here.. “Ron Paul, you’re full of crap!”

Social security, he wants it to vanish
Medicare and Medicaid, he would banish
federal aviation administration –gone
you want to land an airplane, you’re on your own

Sorry Ron, I kind of like when the airplane I’m on lands safely, the food I eat and the air I breathe isn’t poisoned by free market industry… I guess you need to read you some Upton Sinclair. You want to party like it’s 1899, and I say ... at least let’s party like its 1906! Can we meet halfway?

but those who get high, might like this fact
he’d end the war on drugs, and the patriot act
goodbye Guantanamo , and United States wars
but goodbye Civil Rights Act of 1964

You know, I kind of like the Civil rights Act of 1964… seems to me Ron, you’re afraid of the Federal government anything , but you’d let some half-assed state government disenfranchise minorities, allow discrimination, bust Unions, … didn’t we form this thing called the United States for a reason?

it’s a strange mix of crackpot and correct
he’d rather see folks with no health care than a penny of debt
so when kids die of diseases that could’ve been prevented
he’ll say the free market made good on its incentives

yeah, there’s that sacred cow again, ‘free market’. So if all the insurance companies decide to take away people’s health insurance if they have a pre-existing condition, I guess the ‘free’ market is gonna make a society free from people with pre-existing conditions… boy it’s gonna get awful lonely out there for the 17 healthy people left! But I can hear you free market types say that ‘the free market helps everybody’. Does that include the 30 million up to now who have no health care? Well, they do have health care, but no health insurance. As they have no insurance, they don’t see doctors who could help prevent all sorts of problems they might have later, but they have no money or means to pay for that. So they have to wait till things get really serious and they end up in emergency rooms. Guess who pays for that- you and me. So ‘free markets’ are not always free.

he’s an MD with a bitter pill to swallow
with a dedicated following who love to follow
but he’s got as much of a chance of getting very far
as Steven Hawking has of winning Dancing with the Stars

Yeah, I guess that sums it up.. Ron Paul wants to party like it’s 1799.. Only problem is, if you look outside your window, it isn’t 1799 anymore, at least not outside my window. Your calendar may vary….and of course if it is 1799, then unless you’re a white, male, Christian (and specifically protestant) and you own land, you won’t be able to vote. Ron Paul wants 1799, he can have it!

© M. Skliar 2012
Track Name: Google Santorum
Here’s a subject with a lack of decorum (Google Santorum)
A topic for a discussion forum (google santorum)

It started out as a creative protest by a columnist named Dan Savage
When Rick Santorum said same sex relationships were like man-on-dog, Savage got Savage

Here’s a subject with a lack of decorum (google santorum)
It might gross them out but it’ll never bore ‘em (google santorum)

Rick Santorum wants to get in your bedroom cause he thinks he knows best
I wouldn’t put much stock in anyone who wears a sweater vest

Does not believe in evolution, global warming or a woman’s right to choose
And when he looks up his name on google, his face turns a shade of blue..

© 2012 M. Skliar
Track Name: In the Bubble
None of the facts get thru to you
You’ve screened them out that’s what you do
None of your reading or your media choices
Have any hint of dissenting voices

You’re in the bubble
You’re in the bubble
You’re in the bubble
When will you run out of air?

The sweep of history, and of civilization
Doesn’t even cause you a moment’s hesitation
You read the fringe postings on the internet sites
Then repost on Facebook to prove that you’re right

You’re in the bubble
You’re in the bubble
You’re in the bubble
When will you run out of air

You’ll say the same about me I’m sure
You’ll never realize how wrong you are

You’re in the bubble
© M. Skliar 2012
Track Name: What is life?
(you'll have to listen for that little surprise)